2/09- Summer of love

Hi, I haven`t updated in a while..

Last sunday I went to the summer of loooove which was kinda the weirdest thing I`ve seen for a long tiiime.

Well, I met this guy ONLINE ( pretty freaky) who just like me recently moved to SF thus did not know anybody.. well turns out we are both planning on see that and are alone so we just met at the Ferry Building and went together which I KNOW sounds scary but wasn`t scary at all.

I mean you kinda need to losen up and juts go out there otherwise you miss all the fun ^^

So, the summer of love huh woow I have never seen so many old hippies ever!!! HAHAH it was just like back in 67 well at least how i figured it to be like hihi.

 THERE WAS MARIHUANA everywhere and NO police !! They just gave it to you even for FREE !! Some weirdass flowergirl was giving me a DOG BISCUIT and I don wanna know what was in it ...

There where all these old bands I mean the people who survived and they were giving  this 40th revival of woodstock festival

Some people where just *fucked up* but they were all pretty nice and friendly and yeah I had a great time. Alex that Aussie was really nice,too. We are meeting today again but apprently he has to ship out to Kentucky soon.

So yeah I uploaded some pix at my webshots page in case you``re interested:


Then I had my first beer here I know I am not allowed but Alex just bought 3 half liters so he gave me one and wouldn`t take it back ... and the beer was good normally I don`t like pure beer and espec. american beer but COORS it worth to try.

Then we were in front of the stage in the first row dancin` like crazy and this high woman just gave me a tattoo... yeah with something like a edding!!! It`s a big peace sign all over my shoulder O_O I still have it ...


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