6-10: The mansion

wo wo wo...

Today Anita and I went to her friend Carolina, from El Salvador, who lives in a huuuge mansion in the fancy area of SF. CArolina isn`t the owner of the villa but she is sorta the housekeeper and right now the family who is supposed to live there is on the east coast for a couple of months. So, yeah we went there to pick apples and get a tour of the mansion. AND OH MY GAWD ( sayin it in a truly californian way) that was like CRIBS on MTV !! The family is insanely rich, they are multi-mutlimillionaires and have houses all over the place.!! It was so cool to actually see that for real. I mean I saw things like that on TV before but I never see me in there ... The most beautiful view <3 on the third floor of the mansion, where the parents stay. Their bed is facing a "wall" of windows. I lie down and just see the Bay, downtown, the bridge everything.. it's breathtaking! and their jacuzzi .. jesus... it's on a platform so you face the windows and see the ocean O_o it's amazing !! In the basement they have this movietheatre with this huge basass screen and the coziest couches ever. That house is to die for. When strolling through the property I saw this picture of the family with the Clintons and I was like OMG. Then Carolina explained to me that they are friends with the Clintons . They often give parties at their masion with highly famous politicians such as Nancy Pelosi.. I don`t think you know her , but she is the speaker of the house.. meaning the woman behind Bush&Cheney!!! the woman with the most influence in AMERICA ... therefore considered as the most influential woman in the world.. Can you believe that?? As I walked into the office there were all these Newspaper covers framed on the wall. With them on the cover O-o..  Woowowow!!!! No wonder they are so rich. They stopped working now, they only work with their money, namely seeing where to invest it to do good. Like charity stuff and foundations.

So that was awesome!!! but i guess I wouldn`t want to be that rich it`s insane you couldn`t just sit their in your udnerware watching soem badass tv-show while having a pizza in that mansion it's just over-the-top!!!!

Well, another thing is that Rusty's brother Pat, who married a wealthy woman and thus also lives in the fancy area in a huge villa, caters from time to time. Turns out he was asking Rusty , if he knew two people who``d liek to earn some extra cash and help cleaning the dishes at a catered wedding. So, presumably I will wash the dishes for a wedding next sunday.. 10dollar per hour :D I am looking forward to it will be a great experience, plus I got to say that I was a TELLERWÄSCHER in SF, which is so cool  maybe I`ll turn out to be a millionaire as well ... one never knows !!!!!! :D

Anyway, then I want to watch the BLUE ANGELS SHOW, a flight parade. It was right over Baker beach and Chrissy Field, so we observed it from Twin Peak. Just a beautiful day as the weather was grrreat. It only wore shorts and a tee and apperently sun shade as it was hot hot hot. Afterwards, we drove to the Golden Gate Park, to the speedway meadow for listening to the BLUE GRASS FESTIVAL, once more  huge free open-air concert. The msuic was nice and the meadow was packed! One would figur ethat at events like this there are burger joints and hot fogs all over but nooooaw not in SF you could get Artichokes lol. I had El Salvadorian food: Puposas Ricas! which was a patty with cheese n green beans and cabbage (cuase i am german:P) and tomatoes and salsa. It was really good and I totally enjoy the "american" food here.  Plus, today was the first time a saw the waterfalls in GGP. Aww it is just wonderful. there are two waterfalls bordering a pretty lake on which you cruise with a rented boat. or if you like it you knwo these boats where the guy has to paddle.

The food here is just a variety. I am not exaggerting when I say that you can get everything here. I mean it e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g ! I see myself missing south american food when I`ll be back in good old potatoeland!

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